Gracious Ladies Hula

This low-impact, scalable workout brings the islands to us at any age! Learning the meaning behind each graceful gesture in our mele, immerse yourself in the aloha spirit as we coordinate the mind, body, and soul, expressing our love for the beauty and abundance of one of the most special places on Earth. Weʻll focus mainly on hula ʻauana, dancing to some of the most beautiful compositions ever created, and developing the unique concentration that at once tells a story and impacts your audience with the same connection you feel to the ʻaina.

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6 Week Session for $65

Polynesian Dance Instructor

Kendall began studying Hawaiian hula over 12 years ago in Phoenix, AZ where she was born and raised. Of Native Hawaiian descent and great-great-granddaughter to Kumu Hula Rose Joshua, she began dancing for the chance to connect with her own roots but soon found a passion unlike any other she had in her life. Read more…

Performance Opportunity

Join in the dance.  The L.A.B.A welcomes all students who are in regular attendance to choreography classes and or specialty sessions to perform in our public events.  Interested in finding out more?  You can by speaking with your instructor, or by sending us an email.  Do you have a dance to share? Sign up TODAY by filling our registration form.  

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