Hawaiian Hula

This class will train our hands, legs, and minds, building a foundational knowledge of the steps and meaning behind the two main types of hula we dance today – hula kahiko, the indigenous form of our dance featuring mele (songs) and ʻoli (chants) grounded in the history and folklore that has sprung from our ʻāina (land) for centuries, and hula ʻauana, the form of hula that has evolved over the years as migration to the islands has brought so many different cultural backgrounds together to form the ʻohana we know today. Weʻll focus on the connection between our minds, hearts, and bodies to the lands we know and love, and of which we are all a part. Incorporating language, culture, and history study into an intense cardio and lower body-focused workout, weʻll build muscle, confidence, and a greater appreciation of the world around us in every class.  Mondays 8:30p

Class Hours

20:30 pm - 21:30 pm

Class Details

Kendall Hawley
Level One
$15 per drop-inAcademy Cards Accepted8 Week session