January 10, 2016

Leading such busy lives sometimes we seek different outlets to release stress, meet new people or simply to get away from home. Yes, I said it because at some point we all think it. There is no shame in admitting it and allowing ourselves some “me time.” It is through these thoughts that we surprise ourselves by what we are capable of with the double Ds, determination and dedication.

Signing up for an Introduction to Bellydance course at Los Angeles Bellydance Academy you hope for the best. The first day of class you might question what you got yourself into. You wonder if you will be able to move the way your instructor does. You observe the class and inevitably to some students certain dance moves come more natural than others. However, you are reassured by your instructor that just like in life we each have our version to tell a story through our movements. Week after week you learn choreography, you practice outside of class and this increases your confidence level.
Then, an opportunity becomes available which prior to today you might have never even considered…a chance to perform. Your breath instantly halts and your mind has 1,000 thoughts per second. However, there is an impulse from the Dance Goddess within that takes over the fear your mind is creating because this is unknown to you. Tell Me a Story is a student exhibition in which a variety of dances offered at the studio, Ori Tahitian with Leolani and Hawaiian Hula with Kendall, participate in. Stories or narratives have been shared in every culture as a means of entertainment, education, cultural preservation, and instilling moral values. So you choose to take a leap.
Show time! The date and time has arrived. You have practiced your choreography, you know what costume you will be wearing; it is your time to shine, have fun and entertain. Whether you are a first time student or an experienced dancer, there is always a worry “what if I mess up?” The best mantra to remember is “have fun” and regardless of what happens “the show must go on.” After you perform you feel a sense of accomplishment. Whether it was to learn a dance, overcome stage fright, or increase your confidence level, you did it! Congratulations! Dance Now, Dance Often.

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