July 10, 2015

Event application

Friday August 28th 2015 at 7:00pm

What you need to know about your performance at the showcase.

1. Regular attendance to your respective class must be maintained.  Your instructor will give you their specific guidelines.

2. You will have a 5:00pm studio call on the day of the show.

3. Costume alterations may be required by you or at your expense.Please indicate your which dances you are interested in signing up for.

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Please select the dances you wish to participate in.
Persian Dance with Rosa Rojas
"Whirl Thee Well" Whirling Project with Nicole McLaren
Beginner Bellydance with Stefanya
Beginner Bellydance with Tamar-henna
Advanced Bellydance Choreography with Stefanya
Bellydance Choreography with Jayna
Tahitian Dance with Leolani
Hawaiian Hula with Kenadall
Stage Presence with Nicole McLaren
Zill Drill with Corina

Any questions, comments or concerns?

The LA Bellydance Academy, Stephanie Chabloz and the entire LABA factually are not responsible for accidents, injury or death, during, or from any studio sponsored events.I agree

All still images, videos and and digital content attained while participating at the LA Bellydance Academy are property of the LA Bellydance Academy and can be used only with permission by it's owners and factually. I agree


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