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This class is available to those who wish to join us from the safety of their homes.  $7 for a drop-in online belly dance class or become a member and join all online classes for free.


Prior dance experience is not needed to attend these classes. 

What is yoga for belly dance? It is Yoga Fusion and it is designed for those who love belly dance and wish to strengthen and straighten the body and its line.  At the physical level, the practice of yoga releases endorphins and hormones that trigger sensations of happiness. This means you can increase your sense of well-being simply by stretching and touching parts of your body that frequently get neglective thought-out our everyday lives. These areas that are yearning to be remembered and to receive a little bit of attention.  This will remove any stagnation, tension, and, therefore, promote health. That’s why after a yoga class, you often feel lighter, longer, and hopefully – instead of walking out of class, you’ll fly. 

All are welcome to begin a journey to a stronger body by practicing these exercises, which fuse yoga poses, breathwork, and philosophies with ballet and contemporary dance fundamentals. 

Watch Fusion dancers!

The word fusion, when used to described dance or movement, is referring to alchemy which is the essence of dance itself.  It is the transformation of something familiar into something unique by an amalgamation of the tools in the artist’s chest.  When artists take chances, they end up dancing more dances, so it natural to conclude that exploring the intersections of music and culture from around the world can inspire your body to move in new invigoration ways.  Harness the power of the body.

Yoga comes from the word the root word “yuj,” which means yoke.  It is a word used to describe the apparatus that connects animals to each other when performing tasks in the field.  So the word yoga is described as being the union of two.  What is being unified is up to the practitioner’s personal interpretation. Is it a union of mind, body, and soul, of breath and body, of our lower egos with our higher selves, or is it a union with the universe or source or god? Once these questions are answered, the paradox is discovered because the true essence of yoga is uniting two things that were never actually separate to begin within. It is just the illusion of separation that we need to remove.

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Not 100% sure about making a commitment?  That’s understandable and why we have created a free trial period so you can get to know us better.  Jump in a class, practice while at home, or book a private lesson with one of our instructors.  With lots of dancing to discover, you can be our guest for your first 10 days. 

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