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Our joyful Indian dance classes are structured like a fitness class with the heart of the class focusing on authentic cultural dance steps.

katrina Ji dance classes


Thursday 7:15 pm

The dances of Rajasthan are joyful, lively, folkloric, sometimes improvisational, and non-technical. Characterized by rhythmic stomps, hip movements, hops, graceful hand movements, and spinning, these dances are usually performed with partners or in groups for fun and celebration. This class will focus on the most common footwork and hand movements used in Kalbeliya folk dance. The heart of the class is divided into 4 sections to include Kalbeliya, Chari, Ghoomar, and Terah Taal.  Rajasthan is located in Northern India, the colorful land of Desert Camel Safaris, Palaces, and Forts.

Katrian Ji Bhangra


Thursdays 8:30 pm

Bhangra is a folk dance from Punjab, India. It’s a masculine dance that originally celebrated the harvest season. Today it’s one of the most energetic dances from India and is considered HIIT fitness due to the high knee lifts and hops. The modern music with beats sounds like it’s pumping straight out of a dance club.

Your teacher Katrina Ji is a certified Lear Bhangra instructor. A high-intensity dance program that emphasizes proper and folk Bhangra techniques to achieve fitness results. Their course utilizes Bhangra steps to provide an intense workout, with a focus on cardio and muscle toning. 


Class Overview

Who can take these classes? 

Our Indian Dance classes are for Beginners.  That means they are for everyone!

Class Highlights

    Our joyful Indian dance classes are structured in the same way as a fitness class.  Each hour-long dance class begins with a warm-up to ensure you are prepared for body conditioning. Following this exercise, you will learn the breakdown of each step with repetition and drills. Class ends with a cool-down stretch.

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about your insturctor

Katrina Ji is a highly acclaimed international touring dancer & choreographer specializing in Rajasthani Folk & Bollywood Fusion. Member of the International Dance Council CID – UNESCO. 4Culture Touring Arts Roster. She is the Artistic Director of Culture Shakti from Seattle, WA & based in Los Angeles, CA USA and Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India.

2019-2020 I just spent half the year in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan India where I was the star dancer every night with live Manganiar musicians and Kalbeliya dancers at Desert Springs Resort in the Thar Desert. I performed in the absence of my belated dear teacher and friend Queen Harish.

I’ve been in awe of Kalbeliya dance since 1999 after seeing the documentary Latcho Drom ( I toured and performed throughout the USA in 2014 with Suva Devi Kalbeliya who is famous for her barrel turns in the film. 

2017 Tour with Rajasthani Caravan, awarded by both RANA (Rajasthanis of North America) and ARA (American Rajasthani Association) for dedication to Rajasthani Folk Arts. 

2018, member of the International Dance Council, CID – UNESCO, the highest level of dance recognition in the world.

Prior to teaching and performing Rajasthani dance, Katrina was fully immersed in FCBD(R) Style Bellydance since 1999. This particular style of bellydance is rooted in the dances of the Romany trail. That’s what inspired Katrina to dig deeper and learn more about Rajasthani dance. She is a certified FCBD(R) Style Bellydance Instructor since 2007.

Katrina is also a Certified Learn Bhangra Instructor. She was also selected for Dub City Bhangra, a competitive Bhangra team in Seattle but decided to start her own team instead.                   

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