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At the physical level, the practice of yoga liberates endorphins, hormones that trigger sensations of happiness. You stretch and touch parts of your body that are not frequently used in our modern everyday lives. Areas that are dying to be remembered receive a little bit of attention and remove any stagnation, tension, and promoting health and wellbeing. That’s why after a yoga class, you often feel lighter, longer – and hopefully – instead of walking out, of course, you’ll fly.

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Do you know where your feet are?

What differentiates yoga from any other physical practice is its focus on the breath. The breath has a powerful influence on our state of mind. Some modern scientists believe that as many as 88% of diseases are caused or influenced by stress. So, being able to breathe freely and keep our thoughts in a sweet vibe is mentally healthy and physically healthy in the long run.
Observe yourself when you cry or when a child or adult is frustrated; we breathe faster and not so efficiently. Learning how to observe and control your breathing as you move creates a more profound sense of being present and focused. It doesn’t matter what “kind of yoga” you do. Like most other worthwhile adventures, it takes time, practice, and patience.

On a yoga mat, you can get free from yourself – take a break from your daily concerns and annoyances. Most importantly, yoga practice is much more about how it feels than how it looks. That’s why it’s so PERSONAL. In yoga, there is no competition, no need to get anywhere or achieve anything.


Yoga is for EVERYONE with any body type, at any age, man and woman, babies to those over 100-years old. All poses can be adapted or modified with guidance from your professional yoga instructor.
It’s a celebration of LIFE! But don’t think you won’t sweat or that the journey will be comfortable. Yoga uses hundreds of muscles – including the ones you forgot that you have.

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