Learning to belly dance is a powerful way to connect with your body. With the proper techniques that we teach in these short belly dance lessons, you will learn to express yourself through dance with ease. Dancing will take years to master; however, you can start on the right foot by understanding and implementing proper dance technique in your daily belly dance training.

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Fun facts about dance

A world record for the longest conga dance line was set by 119,986 people in Miami in 1988

The “Dancing Plague”of 1518 was a mania that lasted a month and killed dozens of people in Strasbourg, France through exhaustion or heart attack. People just danced uncontrollably until they collapsed! One other famous case involved people dancing on a bridge. Eventually, so many people danced that they broke the bridge and fell into the river.

Research proves that dancing also reduces stress and tension for the mind and body. Studies by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute have shown that dancing also prevents heart disease in particular.


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