When practicing the basics isn’t basic.

Level One

Some prior dance experience is recommended however not required for these bellydance classes. 


All students are welcome to “drop-in” for a one-time fee of $17.50.  New students and walk-ins are always welcome.

This hour of level one bellydance is ideal for drop-in students. Each class will explore the fundamental movements of Bellydancing at a pace set perfectly for the beginner-level dancer. Consecutive attendance is not a requirement for this class but definitely encouraged. Have some fun while learning basic techniques that will train your body to perform signature bellydance moves such as isolations, undulations, figure eights, and shimmies. It is our hope that you will discover a deeper and more loving connection to your body while improving posture, poise, and confidence. From first-timers to seasoned pros, all dancers welcome to attend this class.

Watch Beginners in action.

Fun fact! The world shimmy is a mispronunciation of the French word chemise pronounced shu-meese.

In the late 1920’s when motion pictures had gone from silent to sound Jazz music was popularized in America. Musicians and dancers alike were seen vibrating or shaking in sync to the new and exciting rhythmic sounds.  This vibration was mostly done in the torso section of the body which gives emphasis to the shoulders. Chemise is the French word for a dress shirt.  Just like in the ’20s modern inventions shape our world.  As access to information grows so does our exploration of dance.  So it seems naturally this word would transform as bellydance has become worldwide sensation information became more accessible this word has transformed to be known as something

In conclusion like so many of our dance moves, the words we use to describe most of them are from the point of view of the observer, not performers, they are in another language and poorly pronounced.   

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Not 100% sure about committing?  That’s understandable and why we have created a free trial period so you can get to know us better.  Jump into one of our weekly online classes, practice at home, or review a choreography all as an online member.  You can be our guest for the first ten days of your dance journey. There is a lot to discover here at the L. A. Bellydance Academy.

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