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One on one attention from a member of our professional teaching staff could be just right for you!

The LABA is excited to design your Success With Personalized Coaching.

The L.A. Bellydance Academy is ready to connect with you personally. It is our goal to be a part of your success providing you with individualized attention.  Belly dance private lessons can be booked on our website for in-person or online private belly dance coaching.

Upcoming performance or competition ?

Connecting with a mentor is a great way to gain confidence, stimulate creativity, and develop new skills. 

Dreaming of being a dance professional?

Well, our dreams came true, and we believe so can yours. Who better than a professional to help you train to be a star.

Not ready to be seen?

We know that gaining new skills takes time and patience, and some are not ready to have that experience in public.  Meeting one on one for your first classes can be a great way to break the ice, experience the joy of dance without triggering any public anxiety.

What Is Private Coaching?

Private belly dance coaching will keep you motivated in a fun and personalized ways.  It is best for dancers who have defined goals as they will advance with the undivided attention from a private instructor who can modify training routines for maximum efficiency.

Today is a great day to jump-start your belly dance journey with focused one on one attention. For those who have not danced before, getting started can feel like a big task.  It can be hard to know how to start or what to expect during your first group belly dance class. Our suggestion is to give a private belly dance lesson a try. A catalyst for enhanced feelings of confidence, a private belly dance class will go over all the fundamentals with you at your pace and with your specific needs at the forefront. We can explore all your curiosities and expand on your knowledge base on belly dance movements, body alignment, and rhythms.

Private lessons are helpful for:

  • Improving your technique and dance posture
  • Advancing creativity and musicality
  • Choreography consulting
  • Getting ready for your first show
  • Breaking out from a repetitive cycle
  • Advancing layering skills
  • Performance evaluation and preparation

Book a Private Lesson Here

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* Small Group Private Lesson

L.A. Bellydance Academy also offers small group dance instruction for two to five dancers. So if you are interested in dancing with your friends, family members, or colleagues, we are happy to book this kind of belly dance lesson just for you! Contact the studio so we can supply you with our small group dance rates and times these classes can book with one of our belly dance teachers.

* Group Private Lesson

Hosting a dance party is unforgettable. You can hire a belly dance teacher to come to your event to give a belly dance lesson.  Great for bachelorette parties, baby showers, or birthday events you can host a great female empowerment event that will leave your guest feeling enthusiasm and ready to dance the night away.    

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