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Since our dance studio doors opened in 2011 we have been devoted to our students by providing top-quality dance classes focusing on the rich tapestry of Arab art music and culture.  Join Stefanya, and the talented L. A. Bellydance Academy team to experience for yourself the joy of belly dance.  We are now hosting in-person classes and we welcome you to join us in our next belly dance class. You will build muscle, confidence, and grow in appreciation for the beautiful world around us.

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Online Learning

Now is your chance to dance, as it is always your time to shine at the L. A. Bellydance Academy. Our professional teaching staff is eager to connect with you through our digital studios, where you will learn to belly dance in weekly group classes. Easy and interactive our program will instruct you step by step using various middle-eastern folk dance and classical dance traditions. Our online bellydance academy will motivate you to develop a deep connection to your body while keeping you inspired by passionate instructors interested in your personal goals and artist development.

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Become an L. A. Bellydance Academy member and receive total access to our members-only content found here on our website. Our members enjoy site-wide access to all of our studio’s live stream, online zoom classes, class archives, and tutorial library. Now is an excellent time for you to join in. Be nourished by the joy of belly dancing through your participation in our online interactive belly dance academy.

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About Stefanya

Owner and Director

Stefanya’s lifetime dedication to dance has resulted in the endless pursuit of knowledge, an expansion of self-expression, and a keen appreciation for the audience. Where this complete commitment to a singular art may not be the obvious choice for all, it was the only one for Stefanya. Her acute understanding of the moving body, combined with clear and passionate instruction, immerses students in the joy of both Arab classical dance and folk dance, often referred to as raks sharki or raks baladi. Learn more…

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Featured Programs

The Los Angeles Bellydance Academy proudly offers world dance and music education for all ages and all skill levels. We are focused on providing our students with an environment that stimulates wellness, self-expression, and an enthusiasm for life.  The LABA utilizes a variety of cultural influences expressed in dance and music as a core foundation of the curriculum provided. Weekly instruction, workshops, and special events are available now at the L.A. Bellydance Academy.  We host in-studio dance classes as well as online dance classes.

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Performance Academy

Now available through monthly reservations, our signature training program will train your body and provide the dance education you need to soar. Focus on your dance goals while connecting with our talented teaching staff that is genuinely interested in your success. 



Kendall Kanoa Kukahiko brings the islands to you with her love for the Hawaiian culture. This program includes bi-weekly live stream classes incorporating language, culture, and history. Taking classes with Kendall will include cardio exercise and lower body-focused workouts in every class.  


Stretch and touch parts of your body that are not frequently used in our everyday lives.  All students at all skill levels are welcome to begin a quest for a  stronger body practicing these exercises, which fuse yoga poses, breathwork, contemporary dance fundamentals into an exhilarating full-body workout.

Dances of India

Our joyful Indian dance classes are structured like fitness classes. The heart of the class focuses on authentic cultural dance steps.  Heart pumping

Performance Academy

Hawaiian Hula

Yoga Fusion

Dances of India

The L.A. Bellydance Academy is known as a world dance oasis, providing professional-level dance instruction in Arabic folkloric, Egyptian Raks Sharki, Polynesian, Hawaiian Hula, Persian, and other dance styles all from the heart of the entertainment capital of the world. Since 2011, the studio has been dedicated to the highest level of service and instruction with a focused intention to inspire health, wellness, and connect to the mind, body, and soul’s infinite power.

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Free Trial Membership

Not yet 100% sure about making a commitment?  That’s understandable so we created a free ten-day trial period so you can get to know us a bit better.  Sign-up today and jump into an online belly dance class, meet your teachers, and practice belly dancing while at home. During this free ten-day day trial, you can enjoy all our members-only content with no commitment and credit card information necessary. 

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New to belly dance?

We would like to take a moment to acknowledge that a new environment can be moderately stressful, because of that we invite you to call the studio anytime if you have a question at 310-854-3500. Remember we welcome you into our dance space and look forward to dancing with you soon

Come as you are but arrive prepared to have some fun. We recommend that you drink plenty of water before you begin a belly dance workout.   Join us for Intro to Bellydance is our class designed especially for the first-time belly dancers.  New students, please take the time to fill our online waiver.

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One on One Private Coaching

Is it your time to shine?  If you are ready to kick start your belly dance routine, we have our talented teaching professionals here for you. Do you have an upcoming performance that you need choreography for?  Or perhaps you have your choreography prepared and are looking for a performance consultation?

Introduction to Bellydance

Join us for 60-minute belly dance classes that are designed with the new dancers in mind.  This is the best way to wet your feet and familiarize yourself with the beautiful art of belly dancing.  Join us for live in-studio classes or online in our virtual studio.

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