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All students are welcome to “drop-in” for a one-time fee of $17.50.  New students and walk-ins are always welcome.

Level Two

It is suggested to have prior dance and training experience when joining intermediate-level belly dance instruction.

Link your technique to expression in our Level 2 class where we expand all the lessons and techniques we learned within the Level 1 curriculum. Learn to transition smoothly through various combinations of fundamental belly dance steps and motions. Each class will focus on a new combination as an opportunity to grow your grace and musicality as well as to increase your confidence in performing small sections of choreographed steps.

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This class, created for belly dancers who have had mutipule years of experisnce is perfect for the “drop-in” student.  All dancers are welcome to discover new techniques for bigger, more effective belly dance moves in the hips and upper body. This class focuses on the breakdown of advance raks sharki movement and steps so to add a whole new dimension to your dancing. Each hour sessions will consist of a full-body warm-up, muscle conditioning, along with short belly dance combos. Proper posture, body mechanics, and styling will be the focus of each lesson. All dancers who enjoy their bodies and are ready to experience a fun, energetic, and challenging dance class are welcome. Exploraltion of the Arabic language and rhythms will also be our tool to work to improve improvisational skills.
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Not 100% sure about committing?  That’s understandable and why we have created a free trial period so you can get to know us better.  Jump into one of our weekly online classes, practice at home, or review a choreography all as an online member.  You can be our guest for the first ten days of your dance journey. There is a lot to discover here at the L. A. Bellydance Academy.

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