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In compliance with the most recent orders by the State of California, our dance studio will open for in-person classes with limited capacity. All dancers are welcome to join us in class however you must book your reservation here on our website or on our app for iOS and Android.

Our studio’s schedule is subject to change without notice.  Call us at 310-854-3500 if you have questions.

Online classes

Academy members can attend any of our online classes without reservation. Non-members can reserve below.

Studio Classes Can Be Attended

in-person or veiwed by members live on our studio’s stream.

Class Descriptions

belly beat

Beginner Bellydance

This hour of level one bellydance is ideal for drop-in students. Each class will explore the fundamental movements of Bellydancing at a pace set perfectly for the beginner level dancer. Consecutive attendance is not a requirement for this class but definitely encouraged. Have some fun while learning basic techniques that will train your body to perform signature bellydance moves such as isolations, undulations, figure eights, and shimmies. It is our hope that you will discover a deeper and more loving connection to your body while improving posture, poise, and confidence.

Belly dance class

Bellydance Combos and Layers L.2

Link your technique to expression in our Level 2 class. Learn to transition smoothly through various combinations of fundamental belly dance steps. Each class will focus on a new combination as an opportunity to grow your grace and musicality as well as to increase your confidence in performing small sections of choreographed steps.

Belly dance class

Shimmy Clinic

This weekly dance class will focus on growing, relaxing, and layering our gorgeous shimmies! Shake it with shoulder shimmies, three-quarter shimmies, choo-choo shimmies, and other shimmy greats. Special attention will be devoted to creating a loose, even Egyptian shimmy as a stand-alone show-stopper, or as a layer to other great belly dance moves! Students will learn a short choreography to showcase their dance skills.

belly beat


This is a world dance workout focused on cardiovascular fitness, body sculpting, and flexibility. This class will help you sweat it out regardless of your skill level or previous dance experience. BellyBeat uses our favorite dance moves from around the world and keeps you moving for the entire 60-minute lesson. This class will invigorate your spirit, strengthen core muscles, and help enhance your knowledge of dance and culture from around the world.

dance training

Dance Training and Technique

All dancers are welcome to discover new techniques for bigger, more effective bellydance moves. This class focuses on the breakdown of advanced Bellydance steps while adding layers and dimensions to your dancing. Each hour session will consist of a full-body warm-up, muscle conditioning, and short bellydance combos. Proper posture, body mechanics, and styling will be the focus of each lesson. All dancers who enjoy their bodies and are ready to experience a fun, energetic, and challenging dance class are welcome. Explore Arabic rhythms and work to improve improvisational skills.




Not 100% sure about making a commitment?  That’s understandable and why we have created a free trial period so you can get to know us better.  Jump in a class, practice while at home, or book a private lesson with one of our instructors.  With lots of dancing to discover, you can be our guest for your first 10 days. 

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