Hawaiian Hula class & education

Ke Kukui Ho’onoa

Kendall Kanoa Kukahiko

Beginner's Hula

If you are new to Hawaiian hula dance this will be the class for you. This hula dance class gives the student a low-impact and scalable workout that will bring the islands to you at any age! Active participation in the class will teach you the meaning behind each graceful gesture in our mele, it will immerse you in the aloha spirit, and it will coordinate the mind, body, and soul, expressing our love for the beauty and abundance of one of the most special places on Earth. Focusing mainly on hula ʻauana, and dancing to some of the most beautiful compositions ever created we will develop the unique concentration that unifies our abilities tells a story, and impart our audiences with the same connection we feel to the ʻaina. 

Intermediate Hula

This digital class, weʻll train our hands, legs, and minds to build and strengthen a foundational knowledge of the steps and meaning behind the two main types of Hawaiian hula we dance today- hula kahiko, the indigenous form of our dance featuring mele (songs) and ʻoli (chants) grounded in the history and folklore that has sprung from our ʻāina (land) for centuries, and hula ʻauana, the form of hula that has evolved over the years as migration to the islands has brought so many different cultural backgrounds together to form the ʻohana we know today. Weʻll focus on the connection between our minds, hearts, and bodies to the lands we know and love, and of which we are all apart. Incorporating the Hawaiian language, culture, and historical study into an invigorating cardio workout.  Weʻll build muscle, confidence, and a greater appreciation of the world around with beautiful graceful dance.

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Kendall Kanoa Kukahiko

Kendall Kanoa Kukahiko

Hawaiian Hula Instructor

Kendall Kanoa Hawley began studying Hawaiian hula over 12 years ago in Phoenix, AZ where she was born and raised. Of Native Hawaiian descent and great-great-granddaughter to Kumu Hula Rose Joshua, she began dancing for the chance to connect with her own roots but soon found a passion unlike any other she had in her life. The pursuit of a continued challenge later led her to Tausala Productions, under the direction of Fina and Oliva Schwenke, where a concentration on Tahitian Ori broadened her horizons even more.
Now having made the move to Los Angeles, she is very happy to have found a home as lead dancer for the Nani Kai Dancers, a professional Polynesian dance troupe performing throughout Southern California, and studying as alakaʻi and keiki (kids) class teacher under Kumu Hula Hiwa Bourne with Kuhai Halau ʻO Ke Kukui Malamalama O Ka Hula. Through education, activism, and dance, Kanoa strives to encourage more accurate knowledge and appreciation for Polynesian culture and history throughout the world.