Introduction to Bellydance

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Introduction to Bellydance classes at the L.A. Bellydance Academy will explore the fundamental movements of bellydancing in an informative 6 – week format.  When participating you will learn basic bellydance techniques that will train your body to perform signature bellydance moves such as isolations, undulations, figure eights, and shimmies. In addition, you will be supplied with the tools you need to form a solid dance foundation in which your dance can grow.  It is our hope that you will discover a deeper and more loving connection to your body while improving posture, poise and confidence.

No dance experience necessary for Introductory classes!

6 weeks for only $65

We would like to take a moment to acknowledge that a new environment can be a moderately stressful situation for some. We understand and would like to invite you to call the studio anytime if you have a question 310-854-3500.  We welcome you into our dance space and look forward to be dancing with you soon.


Introduction to Bellydance here at the L.A. Bellydance Academy is the best was to get started on your magical dancing journey. The information presented in this six-week dance session will begin to shine light on your beauty and will introduce you the ancient art of the dance. Music theory, body mechanics, geographical history, and much more is presented in a lively format. It is our goal to prepare you for a great experience at our studio. We have weekly on-going BELLYDANCE LEVEL 1 classes that you can easily flow into with a nurturing foundation in which your dance can grow. Get ready to fall in love with the dance that has caught the hearts of millions of women from all over the world. Join the tribe of healthy, conscious individuals that feel comfortable expressing and sharing love in a supportive and creative environment.

* Academy Cards Accepted

* $15 Drop-in rate

* Pre-registration available


Bellydance Instructor

Passionate, Playful and Unique, Stefanya is an exotic flower, blooming with every beat in rhythm. Acclaimed choreographer, award winning performer and sought after instructor,…Read more…

Performance Opportunity

Join in the dance.  The L.A.B.A welcomes all students who are in regular attendance to choreography classes and or specialty sessions to perform in our public events.  Interested in finding out more?  You can by speaking with your instructor, or by sending us an email.  Do you have a dance to share? Sign up TODAY by filling our registration form

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