Bellydance is a delightful journey inward to discover the beauty and passion that is natural and inherent in all of us.

All students are welcome at the L.A. Bellydance Academy.  We have our doors open to those who bring in their best to grow in their dance.  Our main aspiration is to hold space for all hearts to open to a powerful inner love that can then shine out brilliantly.

Will this be your first time dancing?  No worries at all.  We have a special set of classes designed just for you. These classes are called sessions and they allow you to register and work slowly with other first-time dancers. You will learn fundamental dance elements which will assist you in moving forward into our other classes.

Perhaps you’re a seasoned dancer.  Are you craving an environment where you can move your body in a way that feels good?  Stimulating the dancer’s mind while stretching and strengthening core body muscles?  Check out our advance dance program where we focus with dedication and determination on skills that pushes our limits and helps us cultivate an always improving dancer.

A new environment can be a moderately stressful situation for some of us. We understand and invite you to call the studio anytime if you have a question. We are here for you and want to assist in your dance success. We welcome you to this dance space with open arms.

We believe that dance will reveal all the mysteries the body conceals.

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