Our Mission

Through the use of dance workshops, live performances, and educational information, the L.A. Bellydance Academy strives to assist artists in achieving their dance goals.

Our Goals:

1. To enrich students by teaching modern applications of historical dance traditions.
2.To strengthen and condition body and soul so the students whole-self can serve as an instrument of communication.
3.To give artists fresh new choreographies, and a chance to develop their work through collaboration with industry professionals.

Our Promise:

We will provide a supportive and disciplined environment for all students with teachers who are professional, experienced and dedicated to the arts. We exclusively encourage healthy physical bodies, artistic self-expression, and self-discipline.

It is our focus to provide all students with an environment that nurtures wellness, encourages positive forms of self expression, and stimulates pure joy. Using culturally enriched music and ancient dance traditions as a foundation to our curriculum, we provide our beautiful dance community with weekly instruction, workshops, and special events.

Come in and join us in this special kind of celebration. We will dance, we will expand our minds and bodies, and we will be free.

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