Intro To Floorwork for Shamadan

Explore the key elements of floorwork in the Egyptian Candelabra Dance along with creating adaptations for differing ranges of physical abilities. This 90-minute workshop will include exercises to strengthen and prepare for safe floorwork before experiencing variations on the “sumbati routine” made famous by dancers like Nadia Hamdi and Nazla el-Adel while learning how to translate these nostalgic traditions into a modern performance context.
Suggested items to bring to class: Yoga or exercise mat, balancing object (weight disk/book/wide-based bottle/Shamadan/etc), knee pads (optional)

October 3rd, 2020
10:00 am – 11:30 am PDT

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Shining Belly dancer

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Raqs El-Shamadan 8/31/2020 Live Class Recording

Raqs el-shamadan is a famous balancing dance with roots in the Awalim culture of late 19th century Cairo. The dancer often performs standing and floorwork movements while playing finger cymbals and balancing a lit candelabra on her head. Learn about the roots of the Egyptian candelabra dance while exploring how the aesthetics of bygone eras can enliven contemporary art.

This 90min belly dance class will include an introduction to the history of the candelabra dance in Egypt, awalim movement aesthetics and technique as well as balance practice and tips. No shamadan required, bring a book or other balancing object.

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about your insturctor

Shining is an award-winning performer and instructor, internationally recognized for her exploration and creative reconstruction of early Raqs Sharqi and the candelabra-balancing dance named “Raqs al-Shamadan”. With over 15 years of training in a diverse cross section of traditional and modern dances of the MENAT and it’s diaspora communities, she is committed to providing interesting and educational seminars about Oriental Dances with an emphasis on the historical and cultural aspects as elements that create a well-rounded and impactful performer. For more information visit: www.shiningbellydance.com

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