Devon Near-Hill

Devon Near-Hill is a teaching and performing artist who is proud to be part of the LABA family!
At the age of fourteen Devon joined a touring belly dance group called Troupe Sattya that fused cabaret and tribal fusion styles. They performed at festivals and competitions mainly in Northern California. She developed the knack for teaching in high school and continued on through college while studying a variety of styles from ballet to modern and hip hop. After graduating from USC, Devon studied and performed Egyptian bellydance with Stefanya. She had the pleasure of collaborating with drummers such as Issam Houshan and Georges Lammam.

Six years ago, Devon fell in love with lambada and Brazilian zouk, latin ballroom dances that incorporate many aspects from her training. She won second place in the 2018 LA Zouk Festival Semipro US Open competition as the first female lead to ever compete. She now teaches and judges competitions at workshops and festivals worldwide. Classes in these styles explore the structure of basic steps as well ways to communicate with your partner on the dance floor through play, connection, and intention!


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